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Virtue of the Month: 

Each month Saint Albert the Great students celebrate a virtue that helps them to develop a deeper respect for God, self and others. Students displaying the “Virtue of the Month” will earn a STAG Value Card and recognition at the last all school Mass of the month. This month we celebrate the virtue:

Technology Update:

St. Albert the Great School is in the process of making a tremendous technological leap.  This year we will be rebuilding the internet infrastructure of the school by increasing wireless access points and rewiring the school.  This will provide a more stable and secure network.  Phase two will include new IPADS and notebooks for web based learning and classroom assignments.  Phase three will be concerned with group learning technology such as smart boards. The Technology Advisory Board (TAB) is very excited that our education fund and the Kuntz Grant is funding Phase 1. If you would like to financially support this effort, please contact our business manager (Tom Hutchinson) or our principle (Mike Kirry). For more information please see a full article available in the gathering space, or  parish and school tech update CE

The Betty J. Fiorita Tuition Scholarship:

The Betty J. Fiorita Scholarship is a $2,000.00 tuition grant for parish families with multiple children presently enrolled at Saint Albert the Great School and may need additional financial assistance to make Catholic education possible.

Ohio Educational Choice Expansion Scholarship:

The Ohio Educational Choice Expansion Scholarship is available to Saint Albert the Great families with new kindergarten, first and second grade students and whose family income meets the established guidelines.

To find out more about the Expansion Scholarship, please visit the Ohio Department of Education’s website at or contact our school office.

Praising Students:

Here’s an interesting video on an educational study regarding praising students for their effort vs. their intelligence:

Iowa Assessment Test: 

The purpose of the Iowa Assessment Test is to:

1. Identify strengths and weaknesses of individual and groups of students

2. Monitor year to year development of the students

3. Provide feedback to parents and students

Current research tells us it is important that every child:

  • entering Kindergarten is ready for school; academically, emotionally, and socially
  • in our 3rd Grade is performing at grade level in both reading and math as they move to the 4th Grade
  • in our 8th Grade is ready to take on the academic challenges of high school

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati looks at three questions to determine if a school is performing at an excellent level academically:

1. Are the students making a full year’s (1 year) growth each academic year?

Saint Albert Student Academic Growth from 2015 – 2016:

Total Composite Academic Growth from 2014 – 2015 to 2015 – 2016:  1 year, 5 months

2. Are the students performing up to their ability?

PGL – Predicted Grade Level

AGL – Achieved Grade Level

7th Grade – PGL – 9.6     AGL – 10.3

6th Grade – PGL – 7.8    AGL – 8.3

5th Grade – PGL 6.3       AGL 6.3

4th Grade – PGL 6.0       AGL 6.4

3rd Grade – PGL 4.5       AGL 4.5

3. Are the students performing at their grade level?

Saint Albert the Great students are performing at 1.2 or 1 year, two months above their grade level.

Last year 50 of the 90 elementary schools in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati had scores at or above their predicted level. Congratulations to our students, parents, and teachers on a job well done!